Hartford teeth whitening

Hartford Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening in Hartford

Would you like to have a more appealing smile, with brightly colored teeth instead of stained ones? The answer is obvious, and at Contemporary General Dentistry, we make it easy. In just 90 minutes at our office, or in 2 weeks at home, you will see the stunning transformation in the shade of your teeth.

The reasons for our Hartford teeth whitening are nearly always the habits you indulge in. Number one on the list is tobacco. If you smoke or vape, your teeth are likely to turn yellow, or maybe even brown. And while coffee and tea usually don’t have quite that level of impact, drinking them everyday, as so many people do, is bound to have the effect of losing whiteness. The same is true of red wine and cola, berries, curry and soy sauce, and also hard candies. Even tetracycline, a common prescription medication is a known reason for stained teeth, and therefore our Hartford teeth whitening. Don’t settle for the minimal results of most over-the-counter whitening products, nor should you take the chance of your tooth enamel sustaining damage due to the abrasive ingredients that some of them contain. Instead, depend on what we have to offer. For the fastest results, you can have our cosmetic dentist perform teeth whitening right here. But you may prefer a more gradual change and/or the convenience of doing it on your own in the comfort of your home. We are always pleased to meet the needs and preferences of our valued patients. And with either method, you can look forward to a year or even up to several years of improvement in your tooth color before needing further treatment.

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